Are you Cleaning Correctly?

Are you Cleaning Correctly?

Your home is likely one of the largest personal investments you will ever make, so you won’t to be surprised to find that taking care of your home is important. Not only does this mean maintenance, but it also means cleaning correctly to keep flooring, counters, carpeting, walls, windows, doors, and more in tip-top condition. Did you know you can cause permanent damage by using the wrong cleaner, technique, or tool on your home’s surfaces? It’s true! These tips and tricks to keeping your home clean- the right way – are a compilation of pro tips from Signature Maids.

Hard Flooring

In order to clean correctly, you’ll need to know if your floor is ceramic, stone, laminate, and wood, plus whether it is sealed, unsealed, porous, not porous, glazed, or unglazed. Armed with this knowledge, you can get the job done right! One of the first things you can do is request that shoes be left at the door to avoid a collection of pebbles, grit, dirt, and oil which can permanently damage your flooring. Sweep and vacuum at least weekly and wipe up spills right away. When you mop, use a damp mop with a non-abrasive pH neutral cleaning solution, rinsing with clean water, and drying the floor when you are done. While these basic steps will get the job done, you need to know that some flooring needs periodic sealing, refinishing, or waxing and when in doubt, use a cleaner made specifically for your unique flooring.


Like your flooring, many types of countertops are available today – granite, ceramic, quartz, marble, laminate, stainless steel, and copper – and each is unique. Some countertops are vulnerable to damage from moisture, others acidity, other still to stains. For nearly all countertops, you’ll want to wipe spills dry right away. Next, always clean your counters with non-abrasive pH-neutral cleaners and a soft clean cloth, wiping every surface dry after each cleaning. Marble and Granite should never be left wet, nor cleaned with acidic or abrasive cleaners. Ceramic should be sealed to prevent grout from staining or gathering mold, mildew and germs. Laminate is also susceptible to stains from spills and scratches from abrasive cleaners. Stainless is not so sensitive and likes to be cleaned with hot water and mild cleaners.


As with your hard flooring, leaving shoes at the door is a big help in keeping carpets clean and in good condition. If that seems to much, you can add washable mats and runners at all your doorways to keep dirt, grime, and germs away. You’ll need the right tools to keep your carpets clean, like a premium vacuum with motorized brush and a HEPA filtration system to get rid of mites, dirt, germs, and dust. On top of your weekly cleaning and vacuuming, you’ll want to have your carpets cleaned professionally once or twice a year by a trusted cleaning service like Signature Maids.


Much like your floors and countertops, your interior walls need regular cleaning as well. Whenever unwanted marks appear on your wall – whether from an artistic child rendering or completely on accident, the first step is to know the surface and the paint. Next, you’ll want to start with a stain removal plan that goes from less aggressive to more aggressive for a stain that won’t give up. Gloss paints are easiest to clean because they are the least absorbent. Satin finish paints are next in line, with flat painted surfaces being the most difficult to clean. Washable wall paper made of vinyl or with a plastic coating is easiest to clean, while other forms may not be so compliant. Choosing a pH-balanced solution is always a good option when keeping walls looking their best.

No matter your cleaning issue, Signature Maids is ready to help, with the promise of cleaning all your surfaces correctly every time!