Back to School Cleaning

Back to School Cleaning

Whether the children in your family are on the way back to school physically or virtually – or even a combination of both, back to school cleaning plans are in full swing. While schools are preparing spaces with sanitization and disinfecting, social distancing plans, and COVID-19 safety guidelines in place, parents are getting their homes ready as well. Regardless of the form the school year takes this year, you want to keep your house clean and tidy, even in the midst of the busyness of it all. The school year adds home/class work, as well as additional food prep, carpools, and other activities and while this year may be a bit different, keeping your house tidy, organized, and clean is still a top priority for busy families. Signature Maids is ready to help whenever you need an extra hand, beginning with these helpful tips for back to school.

In the Kitchen

Keeping the kitchen clean is always a challenge, even when school is not in session, but once school is in session, it becomes more difficult. In many homes, the kitchen is at the heart, which means not only meal preparation – breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, but also an active space for learning from science projects to math homework to art assignments. Of course, that means your kitchen table and countertops come in contact with lots of grime, dirt, bacteria, and more. Maybe you have the time and energy to keep countertops, tables, and floors clean or maybe you need help and Signature Maids is at the ready with cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing techniques perfect for a busy family like yours. When cleaning needs to take a back seat to other activities, the Signature Maids offer kitchen cleaning services from mopping floors, to cleaning the stovetop, microwave, and fridge, to wiping down countertops, tables, and more.

In the Bedroom

When school is back in session, your children’s bedrooms become study and storage space for even more than they usually handle – from books to computers to extracurricular activity items. Encouraging them to keep their rooms clean and tidy adds in extra challenges in most cases to keep everything clean and easy to find. While you can keep on top of books and homework, the cleaning may take a backseat as school obligations press! Signature Maids can help you by delivering exception bedroom cleaning services including dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, and cleaning floors as well as other surfaces like desktops and dressers. They can even clean windows and keep bedrooms bright.

In the Bathroom

Bathrooms often become an afterthought as the school year begins. As everyone gets ready for a busy day, bathroom may fall into a state of disarray, with only spot cleaning of spills and splashes. Thorough cleaning may take a backseat to school related activities or an abundance of homework or all the running around that comes with back to school. When time is short and your bathrooms need attention, Signature Maids is ready to clean, sinks, showers, toilets, and more including sanitizing and disinfecting to keep everyone in good health.

Call on Signature Maids for Back to School Cleaning

Signature Maids is ready to help you keep your home clean during back to school and all year long whether you need weekly cleaning, deep cleaning, or specialized cleaning. From quick cleaning to deep cleaning, Signature Maids can keep your home tidy, allowing you and your family to focus on more important tasks like schoolwork and family time. From kitchens to bathrooms, family rooms to bedrooms, and more, call on Signature Maids to keep your home clean so you can enjoy your space.