Budgeting for A Cleaning Service

Budgeting for A Cleaning Service

Many people think hiring a professional cleaning service for their home is out of reach. Are you one of them? Do you stay on top of everything at work, take care of the kids – organizing play dates, baking for the annual school bake sale, supplying the snacks for the soccer/little league/pee wee football/cheerleading/dance? And yet, your home is a mess, because you simply have no time or energy left for keeping it clean. Whether you are a busy professional, or a busy parent, or both, keeping your house clean and organized can be a challenge which sends your mind wondering if you could possible fit a professional cleaning service into your budget.

At Signature Maids, the team believes you can. Here’s how:

  • Create a Budget Chart. A budget chart or worksheet can help you find the extra dollars you need for a professional cleaning service. You can find one online but also in common programs like Excel. Fill in all the columns from income to expenses including childcare, loan payments, groceries, utilities, etc. Use your bank statements over the last quarter to make sure you include all expenses, like quarterly payments or annual fees.
  • Determine Fixed and Flexible Expenses. Knowing all your expenses will help you determine will help you determine if a professional cleaning service is in your future. If you have lots of small expenses, like your morning cup of coffee, or lunches out during the week, consider areas you can cut those costs. By making your coffee at home each morning, or packing your lunch a few days a week, you can save lots of money monthly to help you cover the cost of a professional cleaning service. A bit of foresight and planning can help you take advantage of a cleaning service, which will ultimately save you time, stress, and money and leave you more time to enjoy the important things in life. Now that you have your budget worksheets prepped, it is easy to see whether you can afford a professional cleaning service, or determine where to cut expenses and make it happen for you
  • Price Professional Cleaning Services in Your Community. With the money now in your budget for your professional cleaning service, you’ll need to interview services, evaluate customer reviews, and compare pricing. Begin your research online, calling local residential services that look promising. Since you are on a budget, ask about pricing, but keep in mind that you can customize your cleaning services to get the tasks done that are most important to you. And remember, the cheapest service offerings may not be the best!

As you read online reviews and ask friends and neighbors for recommendations, you can narrow your options down to a few of your favorites and begin the interview process. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, after all, the professional cleaners you chose will be in your home taking care of it and your belongings. Top questions should include how long they’ve been in business, if they are insured and bonded, and don’t forget to ask for references. You’ll also want to ask about anything that you’d need done, from requesting green, ecofriendly cleaning to having your windows done twice a year.

When you’ve got the answers you need, and have asked the references if they would recommend the cleaning service, you should be ready to make a good, reliable selection. The final question to ask is about guarantees, after all you need a company that guarantees quality assurance and customer satisfaction like the professional cleaning team at Signature Maids!