Care and Cleaning of Wood Furniture

Care and Cleaning of Wood Furniture

Quality wood furniture is a great investment. Well-maintained wood furniture, which is cleaned and properly cared for can last a lifetime. Fine wood furniture and heirloom pieces need more specialized care while casual, yet durable, wood furniture may only need minor care. Your fine wood furniture, whether recently acquired or family antiques need a delicate touch, as they can be more easily damaged when exposed to harsh chemicals or moisture. Casual wood furnishings, say the kitchen table for instance, are more robust, with only the need for regular cleaning with your favorite all-purpose cleaner that is safe for wood. Today, the Signature Maids deliver their expert tips and tricks to keep all your wood furniture like new.

The When and How of Polishing Wood Furniture

Everyone loves the shimmery sheen of recently polished fine wood furniture. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, polishing can reduce the appearance of scratches, make the surface less frictional, and repel dust. Plus, polishing helps protect the surface by preventing liquids from seeping into wood pores and damaging your furniture.  

Knowing these facts, you may wonder how often your wood furniture should be polished. The truth is, each piece of wood furniture is unique. In addition, each time you wipe, dust, clean, or scrub your wood furniture effects the polish. In fact, the more you clean it, the more polishing it will need. You can tell your fine wood furniture needs polishing when the shine is fading, indicating the lack of polish to keep your piece shining.

Tips for Protecting and Maintaining Your Wood Furniture   

Protecting your furniture properly will help it remain in good condition and maintain its shine. Make sure your heirloom wood furniture isn’t exposed to too much sunlight which can result in a dull, worn appearance. All wood furniture, from fine to casual, benefit from the use of coasters which protect surfaces from liquids and foods which can cause damage.

An easy way to clean wood furniture without removing the shine or smoothness on the surface is by using the brush attachment on your vacuum. You vacuum makes furniture cleaning a breeze, ridding it of dust and other airborne particles. After vacuuming with the brush attachment, use a soft, dry microfiber cloth to remove smudges and any dust left behind.

If your fine wood furniture is soiled, you may be able to wash it with a solution of mild detergent and warm water. Before washing fine wood or heirloom pieces, always test an out-of-sight spot, before proceeding. If after the spot test, you feel it is safe to wash, simply apply the solution with a soft cloth to a small area. Then rinse and wipe dry before proceeding to the next small area for cleaning. Remember to allow the piece to dry thoroughly before applying wax or polish. Oil soaps can also be used, but like the mild detergent and water solution, you will want to test it in a discrete spot before proceeding.

There are times when cleaning won’t be enough to maintain the shine you love on your fine wood furniture. When the sheen fades, you may need to apply paste wax to restore the shine, help prevent moisture from causing damage, and repel dust. Take care when applying paste wax, as too much of a good thing will cause unsightly wax build-up on your furniture pieces. If you go overboard with the wax, you’ll want to carefully remove it the appropriate synthetic turpentine and mineral spirits safe for your wood (always follow label directions carefully to avoid damaging your wood surfaces).

And there you have it wood care and cleaning tips from the professionals at Signature Maids who are always ready to help you get your home and furnishings perfectly clean – all you need to do is call.