Clean Your House in a Single Day with These Tips

Clean Your House in a Single Day with These Tips

Now, there are a couple of schools of thought on cleaning. One says you can clean your house in a week, using the take a few minutes a day for various cleaning chores. The other option helps you clean your home in single day, thus avoiding cleaning for six days. Whatever your favorite method, the focus here will be cleaning your entire home in a single day with these amazing expert tips from Signature Maids. And, of course, should you still need assistance after exploring these tips, the Signature Maids are always ready to help!

Start at the Beginning

Begin by washing those dirty dishes in the sink or moving them to dishwasher which can do the work for you while you tackle other areas of cleaning. This is also the perfect time to gather laundry and load the washer for laundering while you clean elsewhere. Weekly cleaning day is also the ideal day to wash the linens off the beds as well. While you are in pick-up mode, now is the time to clear away clutter. A clutter free home will make the next steps of cleaning go by so much easier. Put away papers which have already been attended to, toss out junk mail and items you no longer need. And always, if you run across something broken, toss it, or something no longer in use, donate it.

Let the Cleaning Begin

Dusting is step one. (Aren’t you glad you did the decluttering?) Start dusting from the top down which means cobwebbed corners, ceiling fans, high shelves, and work your way down. Why? Dust, dirt, and grime won’t end up on areas you have already dusted. Next, get out your vacuum, and with your upholstery attachment, vacuum your upholstered furnishings. Finally, wipe down wood furnishings and other hard surfaces with a microfiber cloth.

To the Kitchen and the Bathrooms

In the kitchen, where you’ve already taken care of the dirty dishes, you’ll want to clear off the counters so you can disinfect those areas. Clean your sink, microwave, and wipe down your cabinets and large appliances as well. While you are at in the kitchen, this is the ideal time to clean out the refrigerator (remember this is weekly cleaning, not full-blown refrigerator cleaning). Toss all leftovers passed their prime, and get rid of any out of date items. Use hot soapy water to wipe up any messes left behind.

On to the bathrooms. Grab your cleaners and go one by one through the bathrooms, if you have more than one. Clean mirrors and walls. Disinfect counters, tubs, and toilets with your favorite spray cleaner, rinsing and wiping as you go. 

In the Home Stretch – Floor Cleaning

Keeping the top down cleaning method in play, now you’re ready for the floors. Vacuum all the carpets and area rugs, including areas behind and underneath furniture, as well as the hard surface flooring. Sweep and mop other areas as needed.  Generally, this is the kitchen and the bathrooms, and can include mudroom floors and other entryway flooring.

And the Rest…

Cleaning entryways and exterior spaces can help keep your freshly cleaned home, cleaner longer. Adding small area rugs at entryways can help keep dirt and grime from entering your home. Plus, sweeping porches, decks, and driveways means less dirt, debris, and grime are brought into your home on the shoes of your family and friends.

For your final step, toss the laundry in the dryer, and empty the dishwasher. And now, you are done, your whole home cleaned effectively in a single day!