Cleaning After Your Renovation

Cleaning After Your Renovation

When your home has just been though a major renovation, you’re excited to get into your space and enjoy all it has to offer. There is only one thing standing in your way. In all likelihood, the new space you are so excited about still needs some final touches. After the construction crew, the flooring crew, the electricians, plumbers, and painters have gone, your new space still requires post-construction cleaning. Debris, dust, and dirt are on the floor and sawdust and other contaminants are still floating in the air. To get your newly renovated space ready for habitation and enjoyment by you and your family, it’s time to call on your professional cleaning team to get your space thoroughly clean. Here are the benefits to hiring a commercial cleaning team to perform post-renovation clean- up for you.

Your Family’s Safety

Your professional cleaning team has the knowledge and expertise to get your post-construction cleaning done correctly, ridding your renovation of a variety of waste products, debris, contaminants, and dust particles which remain following construction. Rather than opting for do-it-yourself cleaning in which you or a family member might get injured or ill, a commercial cleaning service will ensure a clean, pristine renovated space for everyone to enjoy. Call on a well-qualified commercial cleaning team to do the job right, while keeping you and your family members safe.

Nothing is Overlooked

Your professional cleaning team knows how to handle all the details of cleaning, after all, they have been trained well and have the experience to clean away even the biggest messes. This means getting rid of all the debris, dust, and dirt in your home following a renovation project. They have the expertise to ensure nothing will be overlooked, every part of your home will be sparkling clean, and they will make sure no drill bits, nails, screws, tacks, or other items are left to damage your homes or injury your loved ones.

Professional Equipment and Cleaning Supplies

When you call on a commercial cleaning service to clean your home following your renovation, you not only protect your family and ensure attention to detail, but you also save because you don’t have to buy special cleaning supplies or the equipment needed to get the job done safely and effectively. Your professional cleaning service team comes well-equipped with everything they need to get the job done right for you. You and your family members don’t need to handle any harsh cleaning agents, inhale any harmful fumes, or operate any cleaning equipment you’re not experienced with, all you have to do is let the experts get your new space immaculately clean.

Post-Renovation Waste Disposal

In some cases, the sub-contractors on your renovation see to the post-construction waste disposal effectively. At other times, they may fall short, especially when local regulations and guidelines following renovation don’t hold them to your high standards. When they leave waste behind, often it’s not something you can simply toss in the trash can and wait for waste management services to pick it up. Many waste products left behind require specialty disposal which is something your professional cleaning service knows all about. Your professional cleaning team knows the local guidelines and can ensure the post-renovation waste is disposed of safely and as required by law.

Call on the Professional at Signature Maids for Cleaning Help Following Your Renovation

When your renovation is complete, the team at Signature Maids is ready to get your new space ready for you to enjoy. Call today, the Signature Maids are standing by and ready to deliver an exceptional clean!