Cleaning Small Appliances

Cleaning Small Appliances

While you probably clean your large appliances on a regular basis, you may neglect those smaller appliances that you also use every day. The goal behind cleaning your appliances is threefold – you want them to look their best in your home, but more importantly, you want then to function as optimal levels for a long time to come. With that in mind, let’s focus on keeping your small home appliances clean and functioning efficiently now and well into the future.

Microwave – Whether you believe the microwave to be a large or small appliance, it needs to be cleaned regularly. Begin by removing the revolving plate and its gasket and wash both in warm soapy water, then rinse and allow them to dry. Next, take a soft cloth with your favorite dishwashing liquid to clean inside the microwave, including the ceiling inside. You don’t want to choose any abrasive cleaners or those with strong scents, as they can damage the interior of your microwave and affect the taste of your food.

Coffee Maker – Regardless of your make or model, filing the tank with equal parts of water and white vinegar and running the brewing cycle twice using the same mixture begins the cleaning process. Next, take the removable parts, washing them in hot soapy water. Rinse the parts, allow them to dry, and then run the brewing cycle several time with cold water to remove the vinegar traces which remain. If you have heavy mineral build-up in your coffee maker, it may require a commercial coffee maker descaling solution rather than vinegar to get the job done. When in doubt, always consult your coffee maker’s instructions or website for safe and effective cleaning procedures.

Blenders – For your blender, begin by taking the carafe apart and washing each piece in warm soapy water. If your blender is dishwasher safe, you can run the pieces through your next washing cycle. For the base and cord (unplugged, of course), simply wipe them with a damp cloth and your favorite cleaner. If needed, you can use a small brush to clean away splatters around the blender’s controls.

Toaster – Unplug your toaster, and use a small brush to carefully remove any burnt pieces hanging on to the wire toasting mechanism. Remove and clean the toaster’s crumb tray. Finally, clean away the remaining crumbs by shaking them out over the sink or trashcan. Lastly, use a damp cloth with a mild cleaning solution to wipe the outside clean.

Standing Mixer – As you know, your mixer often faces, not only splashes and splatters, but also flour and sugar ‘clouds’ making it important to wipe your standing mixer after each use. For those spots you missed or days you were too busy to clean, a warm wet cloth can soften food stains so you can wipe them away. As with your microwave, you will want to avoid abrasive cleaners and scrubbing pads which can damage your mixer. And for those crevices where unwanted grime has settled in, a toothpick can scrape it away easily.

Hair Dryers – While most appliances are in the kitchen, the hair dryer is often overlooked home appliances. How do you know it needs cleaning? Your hair dryer needs cleaning if you smell burning hair, the air flow is decreased, or it isn’t heating properly. With the hair dryer unplugged, a small brush can be used to clean the air filter, followed by a quick vacuuming up of loosened debris by your handheld vacuum.

These helpful tips should get you well on your way to keeping your small appliances clean and working properly for years to come. As always, should you need help cleaning your appliances, large or small, or any other part of your home, the Signature Maids are only a phone call away!