Cleaning Summer Stains

Cleaning Summer Stains

Summer brings warmer temperatures, more sunshine, and whole host of summer stains. From delightful sangria to drippy chocolate ice cream cones, yummy ketchup and mustard from the latest barbeque to grass and sunscreen from all the incredible outdoor fun, summer brings stains that need attention fast. And remember, cleaning summer stains doesn’t always mean applying your favorite stain stick, because some stains simply need special attention. Here’s how to handle the most common summer stains and get back to summertime relaxation and fun.

Summer Fun Foods and Drinks

Sangria – summer’s favorite fruity wine adult beverage will certainly stain carpets with ease. To eliminate Sangria stains, quickly spritz the spill with club soda and cover the stain with salt. Salt will absorb the wine. When your guests have departed, simply brush away the salt application, and dab the areas clean. Next, apply hydrogen peroxide and watch the stain disappear. Be patient, it’s not an instantaneous reaction! If the spill is on clothing or towels, you can also soak the stained fabric in warm water and hydrogen peroxide until it disappears. Whichever method you choose, once clean, let the item air dry to verify the stain is completely removed. If not, repeat the procedure until the stain is fully removed.

Chocolate Ice Cream – everyone’s favorite, but oh so messy in summer’s heat, will certainly stain any clothing fabric. To remove chocolate ice cream stains, scrape away any excess ice cream and blot the area well. Don’t rub as this will force the stain deeper into the fabric. Next, rinse the stained clothing with warm water, flowing from front to back. Once most of the chocolate ice cream is removed, apply a drop or two of your favorite laundry detergent and work it into the stain. Allow the detergent to do its work for 15 minutes and rinse the fabric once more. Air dry to ensure the stain is removed, repeating the cleaning process as needed.

Ketchup – always messy, always delicious may be among summer’s top stains. Often, ketchup has dried before it is detected making it even more difficult to remove. First brush away the dried ketchup, and then soak the stained fabric in warm water for at least a half hour. Use a gentle bar soap, like Ivory, working it into the stain with your fingers or a soft bristle toothbrush. Continue washing until the stain is fully removed.                                                                                                                                                                  

Mustard – Ketchup’s favorite condiment cousin, also often remains undiscovered until it has dried. To rid your clothing of mustard stains, begin by wetting the fabric with warm water, then apply laundry detergent to the stain. Let it stand overnight, rinsing away the stain in the morning. If your mustard stain is particularly stubborn, repeat the process until it is removed completely.         

Summer Fun Outdoor Stains 

Grass – Grass stains and summertime go hand in hand with kids out of school and enjoying the great outdoors. Grass stains are among the stains which are best removed by pre-treatment with your favorite stain remover. Begin by dampening the stain and follow up with the stain remover. After 15 minutes of pre-treatment, wash the clothing with the next load of like laundry. Air dry to make certain the stain is removed and repeat the cleaning process as needed.                                                                                                                                                                        

Sunscreen – sunscreen is synonymous with summer as are the stains it leaves behind. If sunscreen is spilled on swimsuits, towels, coverups, or other clothing, first remove as much of the spill as you can. Next, sprinkle with corn starch and leave it to absorb the oily substances in the sunscreen. After a half hour, brush away the corn starch and apply rubbing alcohol to the stained area. When 15 minutes have passed, apply your favorite dish soap, working it into the fabric to remove the stain. Rinse, and air dry to ensure the stain is removed.                                         

These tips should help you keep your summer fun stain free, but should you need assistance with summertime cleaning, call on the professionals at Signature Maids to help!