Cleaning Your House during COVID-19

Cleaning Your House during COVID-19

When the coronavirus began, there was much to learn about cleaning and sanitizing to keep everyone safe and slow the spread. Now, we know much more, though new information continues to come to light, sometimes daily. Having a specific home cleaning routine, with the coronavirus in mind, is a good idea, especially if you or another of your family members is working continuously or at a higher risk of infection or both.

Coronavirus can linger on surfaces for hours up to days, though it is much more likely to be passed person to person by way of aerosol droplets emitted into the air by a person with COVID-19. Even so, while not as likely, it is possible to get infected, if you touch something just touched by someone with the virus and then touch your face without washing your hands. It is important to note that in addition to some viruses, antibiotic resistant bacteria can also be spread via contaminated surfaces, making keeping your home and your hands clean of the utmost importance.  Today, the Signature Maids offer these helpful tips for cleaning your house during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cleaning Regularly

Keeping your home clean is important, not only because of the novel coronavirus, but also because it can help prevent the spread of other viruses, bacteria, and foodborne illnesses. But you don’t need to become obsessive in your cleaning efforts. The best approach is wiping down high-touch areas (kitchen counters, bathroom surfaces, doorknobs, light switches, etc.) once or twice a day.

Add Extra Cleaning When Someone is Ill

If someone in your home is ill, regardless of whether it is COVID-19, the Flu, or another illness, cleaning should be ramped up dramatically to keep the rest of the family safe. Clean the house thoroughly and isolate the sick family member, including a separate bathroom if possible. Stay six feet away and don’t share any household items during their illness. Serve their food on disposable plates with single-use utensils. Serve them plenty of liquids and toss cups after use. You’ll also want to launder their clothing, bedding, and towels in hot water. Wipe down surfaces frequently and always wash your hands after approaching them or touching anything they have touched.

Cleaning AND Disinfecting

It is crucial to clean first, before disinfecting. That’s right, you can’t simply spray disinfectant everywhere because organic material (like food, dirt, or bodily fluids) will can reduce the effectiveness of the disinfectant. Clean first, with your favorite cleaning solution or a simple solution of soap and water to remove the mess, and follow-up by disinfecting the surface.

Keep in mind that you don’t need to disinfect packages, takeout containers, or mail, as it is unlikely that you will get infected that way. If you are concerned about contamination from packages, and the like, open your containers outside, empty them, and toss them directly into your recycle bin.

To Glove or Not to Glove?

If you prefer cleaning with gloves, continue to do so, but rinse your gloves and wash your hands when you are done. If you don’t like cleaning with gloves, wash your hands thoroughly when the cleaning is complete. Whatever you prefer is fine!

Social Distancing and Hand Washing

Cleaning, while important, actually falls behind the crucial guidance to wash your hands frequently and practice social distancing. Staying away from others protects you, your family members, and the members of your community.

Still Concerned?

If you are still concerned about cleaning your house during COVID-19, Signature Maids are here to help with cleaning as well as professional disinfecting and sanitizing treatments – the new Signature Sanitize.  Signature Maids’ Signature Sanitize is available for homes and businesses and features the EPA approved Vital Oxide a hospital disinfectant solution proven to kill 99.999% of viruses and bacteria. Maximum coverage is achieved thought the use of an electrostatic atomizer which covers every surface in your home, effectively disinfecting without leaving any residue on your surfaces. Call today to find out more!