Coming Clean – Why You Should Provide Feedback to Your Cleaning Service

Coming Clean – Why You Should Provide Feedback to Your Cleaning Service

Your home should be your safe haven, the place you can unwind and put your feet up. But if your cleaning service isn’t living up to your expectations, just how do you approach the topic in the most effective way and get the job done right?

First of all, you should always speak up, after all you are paying for their services in your home, and they want to know if their professional cleaners are doing the job – whether it is good or bad. If the cleaning service you are using doesn’t want your feedback, you probably need to find a new service, after all feedback only makes them better at their profession!

Now, your cleaning service may make it easy, leaving behind a comment card for your input. But what if yours doesn’t? You should start with a phone call or an in-person conversation if you can, but if that isn’t possible an email or even a note to our cleaning professional might do the trick. If you are offering criticism, always keep your comments professional, constructive, and as positive as possible. Doing so, will help your service to a better job and you’ll likely find your home cleaner than before and even exceeding your expectations. If by chance, your cleaning service is already meeting expectations, be sure to share that with them as well!

It is all a matter of better communication and if you aren’t sure how to begin – follow these simple steps.

Clearly Express Your Expectations

The truth is your cleaning service professional don’t know unless you tell them. If you want don’t feel like they are living up to their promises, express how they need to improve. If you need certain rooms to be done in specific way, tell them. You might even want to do a walk through with them after their service and provide a list of what you feel needs to be done.

Give Specific Examples

Be clear, not vague. “The shower is dull, not sparkling” is more effective than “Please do the bathroom better.” If this is the first time, you can give them the benefit of the doubt, but if it is ongoing, speak up, always asking questions and being courteous, but clearly stating your expectations with specifics.

Nobody is Perfect 

If you find yourself having tried multiple cleaning services and none have met your expectations, reflect on your desired result. While cleaning services are meant to save you time and allow you to focus on more important things in life; if you find you are always explaining or critiquing, without results, you may need to move on or accept the fact that no one can clean your home exactly like you do. The thing is, if a maid or cleaning service promises to do something, they should always follow through.

Remember, You Can’t Make a Silk Purse Out of a Sow’s Ear

This wise old idiom still applies today, there is no amount of dusting, cleaning, or polishing that will turn old appliances or bathtubs, worn carpet or vinyl, or damaged furniture back to their original new appearance. Even though your cleaning service professionals do miraculous work on a daily basis, this is the stuff of fairy tales and they aren’t there yet!   

At Signature Maids, we promise to deliver affordability, dependability, and attention to detail, and cleaning services second to none. And, most importantly, we want your feedback, good or bad, so we can improve our services to you with each and every visit!