Decluttering with Kids at Home

Decluttering with Kids at Home

Cleaning with children at home can be difficult, even more so when clutter abounds. The good news is you can clean and declutter with kids at home, and even get them involved in the process – successfully. The truth is clutter can be overwhelming, both to parents and their children, so keeping your home decluttered means a calm and comfortable home environment. On top of that, cleaning is easier and takes less time in a decluttered home – plus you can always find what you’re looking for – and so can your kids.

Making the Effort

Decluttering your home with children around the house isn’t the easiest task in the world, but it can be done, especially when you make the effort. And in the end, it’ll be worth it. Just remember you can’t accomplish it in day, but as you declutter room by room, you’ll be encouraged to press on.

Begin by determining the best time of day to start your decluttering project. Consider all the potential obstacles, including your children and their attention span, along with your work schedule and other obligations outside the home.

Decluttering with Kids

If your children are still babies, nap time is a great time to begin, but keep the decluttering project small. When projects are small, you can also work on them when baby is content in his or her swing, bouncer, or carrier. The ideal projects with a baby in your home are sorting through drawers, cabinets, and small spaces rather than tackling an entire room.

When your children are preschool age, you can still use nap time for decluttering. Because bedtimes are early for preschoolers, night time can be a great time to handle decluttering projects. You’ll find decluttering is much easier when little hands are at rest, but if you choose to work on decluttering while little ones are awake, plan projects that can be done in small increments.

Once your kids arrive at kindergarten age or older, you’ll most likely need to accomplish decluttering tasks with them around, so you’ll want to get them involved in the process. It can be a great learning experience for them too, taking them into their own decluttered future. You can teach your children to declutter their own items. Suggest that your children donate toys and clothes they’ve outgrown or no longer play with or pack them away for a younger sibling or cousin.

If you find you need help decluttering while your kids are home, hire a sitter to play with them while you get the decluttering done. Another great way to get decluttering done is swapping playdates with a fellow parent who has their own decluttering plan. You keep their kids for an afternoon while they get a decluttering project done and they return the favor another day – and all the while the kids have a fun playdate.

Declutter Daily

Even if you only set aside  a few minutes a day, a bit of decluttering should take place every day. Sorting mail, clearing papers off counters, and picking items up off the floor can make all the difference in keeping your home clean and decluttered.

When the decluttering is complete, if you find you need help keeping your home its cleanest or getting big projects done, call on the team at Signature Maids to help you get all your cleaning jobs done well.