Easy Cleaning and Organizing While the Kids are in School

Easy Cleaning and Organizing While the Kids are in School

All across the country, the kids are back in school, or soon to be on their way. Your household can get back to normal including a greater state of clean than is possible during summer break. Of course, you don’t want to use all that new found time cleaning house! The team at Signature Maids has put together these easy cleaning and organizing jobs to get you well on the way to a cleaner, more organized space in no time at all.


Cleaning the Dining or Kitchen Table Drop Zone

Summer time, with the kids at home, often finds the dining room table or the kitchen table (or both) covered in a myriad of random items, dropped there for convenience sake as everyone rushes in and out what often seems like a revolving front door. Now that the kids are back to school, you can reclaim the space for its given purpose, enjoying dinner together as a family. Gather up all the items which have found their way to the table, grouping like items together. Keep the items needed, storing them in their proper places or hiding them away in bins or baskets, and toss the rest away. If you need to keep some school supplies at hand for homework, store them in a basket or bin beneath the table or nearby for easy access. Back into the storage container they go when it’s time to enjoy a meal together.


De-Gunking the Microwave

Your microwave often sees a lot of use during the summer months when the kids are home. Used for quick meals for the family and by the kids (if they are old enough) for snacks, lunch, and more, the microwave often ends up filled with gunk, crud, and grime as summer grinds to an end. Grab a microwave safe bowl, put in a sponge, and cover it with water. To the sponge add a healthy squirt of your favorite dishwashing liquid and white vinegar. Remove the soaked sponge from bowl and place it in the microwave. Turn the microwave on for three minutes, while you grab a rubber glove for the final step. When the timer goes off, let the sponge cool momentarily and with your rubber glove on, wipe away the crusty crud, gunk, and grime from summer away. With only five minutes and this simple trick, your microwave will be sparkling again.


De-Cluttering the Junk Drawer

The junk drawer (or drawers) in your kitchen or home office become a gathering place for all things small. You can retake control of the junk drawer in only 10 minutes. First dump the contents of your drawer on the counter or desk. Toss away the trash that has found its way inside first. Next, separate the items that belong in the drawer from those that don’t. Take all the non-junk-drawer items and return them to their proper place. Finally, fill your drawer with store bought organizers, small plastic containers, or cardboard boxes you already have on hand. Now sort the like items and put them away in your newly organized junk drawer. Repeat these steps as needed for all the junk drawers in your home.


Clean and Organize Your Freezer

Along with the microwave, your freezer sees a lot of action in the summer months. And no doubt, as a result, there may be a number of things lurking on the shelves or at the bottom depending on your style freezer. Begin by removing everything inside. Next clean away all the grime, gunk, and mystery items from the shelves and the bottom. Now, organize your freezer items – meats, veggies, fruits, snacks, stock, etc. – and place them into labeled freezer storage bins. Simply put them back inside, labels facing where you can see, and your freezer is once clean and tidy.

And, of course, should you need help getting your whole home back to tip-top clean, call on the team at Signature Maids to get the job done.