What You Should Expect at Your First Cleaning Service Visit

What You Should Expect at Your First Cleaning Service Visit

This question is one of the most often asked questions in the industry. People who engage cleaning services in their home for the first time have often heard friends and family members stress about ‘cleaning up’ or ‘picking up’ before the maid arrives. Questions arise in their minds and they wonder, are they really cleaning the house before the cleaning service arrives and if so, why do they have maid service in the first place? Today, let us answer these questions, including what should you expect at your first cleaning visit? 

First of all, don’t stress, as your cleaning service we have dedicated the time to deliver quality cleaning at affordable prices, with the promise of less stress and more peace to your home and for your life! We promise you won’t be disappointed by our services.

We know your time is valuable, so if you do a tiny bit of preparation, your house cleaners will be off to their best possible start. 

Prepare a list

 At Signature Maids, we want to know your main areas of concern, spaces you feel need more attention, and what your life is like. For example: Do you have teenagers or toddlers? Are you throwing a party this week? Is your mother-in-law coming to visit? Do you want extras done while you are away on vacation? All these play a role in our cleaning of areas that may need a little extra care from week to week. Don’t worry, we’ll always dust your surfaces; wipe down mirrors, fixtures, appliances; disinfect and sanitize the bathrooms and kitchens; load the dishwasher; take out the garbage; clean the floors; and vacuum the carpets, but if you need more always let us know!

Clear a Path

It helps immensely if paperwork, mail, toys, laundry, and the like are put safely in their places and allows us to get straight to the more difficult work – vacuuming, disinfecting, dusting, scrubbing, etc. It also helps you, because nothing gets put away in the wrong spot.

Be Prepared

Most residential house cleaning teams do their best work if no one is home or underfoot. Make your preparations for yourself, as well as your children, toddlers, and pets to be taken care of as needed to make way for the cleaning service.

Make Plans

In most cases you will be out while Signature Maids are in your home, so make a plan for them to get in, turn off your security system, and lock up when their work is done. Don’t worry, for added security, all house keys provided to us are coded and cross-referenced, you never have to worry about anyone other than our Professionals being inside your home.


Whether you choose weekly, bi-weekly, monthly cleaning services, make the most of your time off from housecleaning! You will soon find that keeping your house clean between Signature Maid visits is easy – much more so than getting it clean ever was!

That’s all there is to it! As we said at the beginning, a tiny bit of preparation on your part allows your dedicated team of house cleaners get their best start. We are committed to taking care of you and your home making you wonder how you ever survived without Signature Maids. Though you never thought it possible, Signature Maids allows you to affordably improve your lifestyle with cleaning plans for virtually every need – from Spring Cleaning to Regularly Scheduled Maid Services, to Emergency Cleaning – at the right price to allow you to open up your schedule and enjoy your life!