Get Help – Move In Cleaning

Get Help – Move In Cleaning

Many times, when you’re preparing to move, you get so caught up in packing up your belongings and cleaning your old home for the new residents, you forget that your new home will also need cleaning. Whether you are moving into a brand new house or a previously owned house, you’ll want it clean before you and your family move in and call it home. Like the house you’re moving out of, the one you’re moving into will also need some cleaning before you start unpacking all those boxes!

The expert team at Signature Maids brings you this handy move-in cleaning checklist to make your move a little bit easier.

Plan Ahead

Planning the rooms you’ll clean first is the key to move-in cleaning success. Choose the room where you want to begin and start cleaning one room at a time. The kitchen, main bedrooms, and bathrooms are great starting points and allow you to place your moving boxes in common areas like the family room or dining area and out of the way as you clean.

Keep Cleaning Supplies in Sight

Don’t pack your cleaning supplies with the rest of your belongings. Instead pack them up and keep them separate by loading them in your car so they are close at hand. After all, the goal is to be able to get to your cleaning products and tools when you need them. Label the box clearly and unload it first placing it strategically in your new house away from the other boxes. Consider setting the cleaning supplies in the bathroom or kitchen where you can locate them easily and begin cleaning as soon as you arrive.

Stay Organized

While you likely took the time to dust and wash items before you packed, some items, like your dishes and flatware will probably need to be cleaned again before you use them or put them away. After you have cleaned and begin to unpack, organize as you go, keeping clutter and chaos at bay in your pantries, closets, etc. Doing so means you won’t have to do the same chores twice!

Get Help

Packing up all your items, getting the move-out cleaning done at your old home, and accomplishing the move-in cleaning at your new home can be quite the task particularly if your move out and move in dates are close together. If you find yourself in a pinch, because of the close proximity of moving dates or relocation, call on a professional housekeeping team like the one at Signature Maids to get all the cleaning done expertly for you. Professional house cleaners get your home clean and allow you to focus on unloading and moving into your new space.

Moving into a new home is exciting, and you don’t want to be let down because the former residents left a mess. Signature Maids move in service includes dusting and wiping down all the surfaces in your new home, including appliances and cabinets. In addition, the team will clean, sanitize, and disinfect bathrooms, as well as vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping floors. If needed, Signature Maids will clean windows, carpets, tile and grout, and pressure clean the exterior of your home before you move in.

The team at Signature Maids promises exceptional service with competitive pricing and is always 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. Plus, Signature Maids offers “emergency” move-in and move-out “same day” cleaning same if you call before 2:30 pm. Why wait? Call today and schedule your move-in cleaning, so when you arrive, you’ll be able to unpack and relax in your fresh, clean, new home.