Grandma was Right – Tried-and-Tested Cleaning Tips

Grandma was Right – Tried-and-Tested Cleaning Tips

Every now and again, something probably reminds you of your Grandma. In all likelihood, she was a strong woman with a load of common sense, and not afraid to tackle any challenge – even the challenge of thoroughly cleaning house! Now, no doubt, Grandma, would appreciate today’s inventions – lightweight vacuums, dishwashers, and washer/dryers with all the bells and whistles – but even so, her tried-and-tested cleaning methods wouldn’t have changed a bit.

Clean Throughout the Day – But Not All Day

Without a doubt, your grandma has probably told you to make up your bed, the way she always did, as soon as she woke up – that way when you come home in the evening, your bed welcomes you and doesn’t look like a crumpled mess. Next, wipe the bathroom sink after you brush your teeth

Another thing Grandma did was to clean up the dishes after every meal, so they don’t stack up, attract flies (ugh), and become harder to wash (double ugh) when you finally get around to them! Finally, Grandmother would sweep the floor every day – a very smart approach to keeping things clean. Grannie knew a thing or two about cleaning because taking on one small task at a time is much less stressful than tackling an entire dirty house!

Spring Cleaning is the Real Deal

Spring cleaning, known as seasonal cleaning back in the day, was the way Grandmother kept up with the larger cleaning jobs every home needs without being overwhelmed. Closets were cleaned and cleared (purged or repurposed), windows were washed, mattresses were turned and vacuumed, carpets were cleaned, floors were polished, and the list goes on. By performing these tasks throughout the year, the house was kept clean and Grandma wasn’t ever overcome by cleaning.

Cleaning Product Cheats

Grandma, of course, would never cheat! However, she did have some amazing cleaning solutions that worked wonders rather than a cabinet full of specialty cleaners with often harmful ingredients. For the kitchen floors and countertops, a mix of water and baking soda was used to clean, shine, and remove scuff marks. On the windows, the main ingredient was water, with a hint of white vinegar and rubbing alcohol delivered a streak free finish every time. Toothpaste shines silver remarkably well, while peanut butter or olive oil are perfect for removing gum, glue and other sticky messes.

Now Grandma did probably have one or two store bought cleaners including Borax, which was likely her favorite. Borax is a multipurpose cleaner ideal for tile, porcelain, fixtures, and even cabinets. It also does an amazing job in boosting detergent’s cleaning power and treating tough stains. Her second favorite, you can still buy as well, lemon oil (Old English is one) which is great for dusting and adding shine to wood furniture and cabinetry. The bonus in going old-school with cleaning products – you save space and keep your ‘cleaning cabinet’ clutter free.

Towels to the Rescue (Sponges too)

Ah, the kitchen towel, the environmentally friendly version of today’s paper towels, are longer lasting, more absorbent, and quite capable in the scrubbing, polishing, and wiping department. These amazing towels are also naturally lint free and wash and dry easily, saving you money on those multi-roll packs of paper towels you buy every week! Grannie also knew that by cutting sponges in half, you doubled your investment, while keeping bacteria at bay!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this little stroll down memory lane with Grandma’s proven cleaning tips and trust they will make cleaning your home a bit easier. Of course, if you need assistance please call Signature Maids for affordable and effective cleaning services.