Hiring a Professional Pool Cleaner

Hiring a Professional Pool Cleaner

Here in South Florida, hiring a professional pool cleaner is just as important as hiring a professional team to clean your home. A swimming pool enhances your home’s value and appearance which means, like in your home, regular maintenance and cleaning is required. Having a pool means you need to know how keep it clean, avoid algae, and maintain the necessary equipment in the process.  There is much to consider when you have a pool.

Of course, among the many considerations is, as a pool owner, do you need to hire a professional pool cleaner. After all, wouldn’t it be great to simply enjoy the comforts of your pool without having to clean and maintain it?  A clean pool is key to its enjoyment by your family and friends, plus keeping your pool clean means regular maintenance for optimal performance and use. At Signature Maids, we offer premium pool cleaning services, and want you to know what to look for when hiring a professional pool cleaner.

Weekly Cleaning and Maintenance

As a pool owner, you know natural forces as well as human beings regularly affect the sanitation and appearance of your pool, and as a result, weekly cleaning routines are needed to maintain your pools safety and look. Each week, or more often depending on your pool’s needs, your professional pool cleaner should:

  • Net and capture debris on the surface of your pool water and remove it.
  • Brush the entire surface of your pool, including any tiles.
  • Remove any debris or dirt your automated cleaning system missed.
  • Clean the skimmer, pump, and pump baskets.
  • Check the filter pressure for performance.
  • Test levels of alkalinity, PH, and chlorine, and balance each as needed.
  • Shock your pool, which includes adding chlorine, and other essential chemicals, as needed.,
  • Check the filters for debris and clean/replace as needed.

Supplies for Pool Maintenance Needed in Between Professional Cleaning Visits

In addition to your weekly visits by your pool cleaning professional, you’ll want a pool vacuum (automatic is efficient and easy) as well as a manual brush and skimmer net for touch-ups during the week. Pool corners and stairs often need a bit of care in between professional cleanings because they get less circulation than the rest of the pool.

Hiring a Professional Pool Cleaner

Hiring a professional pool cleaner means your pool is clean and maintained year-round and gives you a lot more time to enjoy it with family and friends. Because you pool is an investment, costing on average $30,000 to $200,000, you want to protect your investment with the necessary maintenance. A professional pool cleaning service will keep your pool in peak condition, providing weekly cleaning, balancing chemicals, and all the checks needed to ensure safety and keep your pool in tip-top condition. Monthly equipment checks also promise to keep equipment functioning at its best and help you avoid unexpected and costly repairs.

Whether you have a chlorinated pool or a salt-water pool, a professional pool cleaning service offers the promise of a beautiful, well-maintained pool that is always ready for use. The professional pool cleaning service you select should deliver high quality professional cleaning, in a timely manner, allowing you to enjoy your pool and not be burdened by its ongoing care! Call on the professional pool cleaning team at Signature Maids to get the job done for you – satisfaction guaranteed.