Holiday Guests are on the Way – Are you Ready?

Yes, your holiday guests are coming, whether for an evening, an overnight stay, or a week, they will be with you soon! Having friends and family share your home for the holidays is a joy, but not one that comes without a little stress and a bit of preparation. Let’s take a few minutes to get you and your home ready so everyone can have an enjoyable and comfortable holiday!

In the Living Room

Cleaning and decluttering is necessary for two reasons. First, your personal papers and such won’t be lying about for everyone to peruse and second, it will make more space for your guests. Provide your guests with your Wi-Fi password and keep magazines, books, music, and other entertainment offerings available for down time. Toss about some extra pillows and comfy throws so everyone will feel cozy and welcome. If you have heirlooms adorning your living space, consider moving them to a safer location while your guests are about. You may want to add slipcovers to your furniture, whether the reason is protecting your furniture from your guests (accidental spills) or your guests from your furniture (pet hair comes to mind).

In the Kitchen

Start by cleaning the kitchen and emptying the refrigerator of leftovers. Get rid of clutter which often piles up on counters and kitchen tables. Empty trashcans and triple-line them making them easier to empty when the bag is full. Stock up on napkins and paper towels – after all – spills happen and hands and faces need wiping!

Next, make things easy by asking guests if they have any food allergies or special dietary needs. With that information in hand, you can plan meals and stock the kitchen before your guests’ arrival. You will want to have a variety beverage options especially at breakfast – milk (dairy, almond, soy, etc.) as well as juices, coffees, and teas along with stir ins like honey, lemon, cream, agave, sugar, and sugar substitutes. During the day, bottled water and sodas are good options, while at dinner, your adult guests might enjoy adult beverages (wine, beer, a cocktail). Be sure to stock up on snacks (sweet and salty) and keep them accessible for your guests.

In the Guest Room

As in the rest of the house, clean and declutter before guests arrive. Make sure clean linens are on the bed.  Offer two pillows per guest as well as an extra lightweight blanket or two, so guests can adjust to their comfort level. Have a light on the nightstand by the bed allowing them to find their way at night. Also adding small night lights throughout your home will allow guests to find their way to the kitchen for a glass of water or to the bathroom during the night. Supply a suitable place for guests to unpack. If you don’t have an empty dresser or closet for their use, add a stool or even a small table on which they can place their suitcase for easy access.

In the Bathroom

Before the guests arrive, you’ll want to have the bathroom sparkling and clean so your guests will feel comfortable. Clear out any personal items and place extra towels and washcloths in easy reach. Buy sample size shampoos, lotions, conditioners, toothpaste, razors, shave cream, and feminine products and place them in a basket for your guests to use. Next, stock up with extra toilet paper, and a plunger in each bathroom to save your guests the embarrassment of asking for one should the need arise.

And with these tips you are ready to enjoy a wonderful visit with your holiday guests. Of course, should you need help as their arrival approaches, call on the team at Signature Maids to help you get your house clean and tidy without any last-minute stress!