How to Effectively Clean a Home Gym

How to Effectively Clean a Home Gym

You’ve finally attained your dream of having a home gym. You get to stay in shape in the privacy of your own home without the hassle of going to gym every day and working out in a public arena. With your home gym, you can avoid waiting to use the equipment you want at the local gym, escape the expensive membership fees, skirt the long drive time, and chose your own work out times. Of course, with your home gym, you’ve gained more items which need to be cleaned regularly, adding to your home cleaning regimen and the time needed to accomplish the task. Because your home gym is meant to add convenience and not create a drain on your time, let’s explore the best way to clean your home gym equipment – keeping it looking great, and free from odors, germs, and bacteria that can be spread during a workout.

Dust First

Because clean, fresh air is a must in your home gym, step one in keeping all your equipment clean is simply by dusting. You want to be thorough, removing dust from every surface – horizontal and vertical – like fans, lights, equipment, shelving, and storage. Always remember to dust from the top down and use a microfiber cloth to ensure that you are trapping the dust with the cloth, not merely moving it around the room from surface to surface. As you dust, you can also take the time to make sure all the equipment hardware – screws, cables, fasteners – are safe and secure.

Wipe Next

Once you have removed the dust, grab your favorite all purpose cleaner and wipe every surface – rails, handles, grips, etc. You can use a store bought cleaner or your own homemade version with vinegar, water, and baking soda, but whatever you choose, make sure it is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal. If you want to keep your gym equipment clean and ready for next time, have your cleaning solution and a microfiber cleaning cloth nearby to wipe down the equipment after every use.

Cleaning the Accessories – Weights, Balls, Mats, Bands

Free weights, dumbbells, stability balls, kettle bells and other weight lifting accessories tend to pick up grime quickly during workouts. You can prevent the buildup by cleaning these pieces with warm soapy water and microfiber cloths. Simply soak your cloth in the liquid, squeeze out the excess and wipe down the surfaces. You can use a second, clean dry cloth to dry each piece prior to returning it to its storage position.

In most cases, yoga mats and bands are machine washable but be sure to check manufacturer instructions before tossing them in the machine. If they aren’t you can gently scrub them with the same mixture used for your weights.

If mirrors are a part of your home gym experience, you’ll want to keep them clean as well. A commercial glass cleaner or a simple solution of vinegar and water will wipe away dust and fingerprints, smudges and smears from mirrors.

Clean Towels

Your home gym should have a supply of clean towels in several sizes for those working out. In addition, and as mentioned, keeping a spray bottle full of cleaner and microfiber towels on hand for wiping down equipment after a work out will go a long way in making clean up easy.

And Finally, the Floor

Cleaning your gym floor is obviously tied to the flooring material in your home gym. For hardwoods or tile flooring, sweep or vacuum the floor, prior to mopping it clean. For carpet, vacuum regularly and steam clean at least twice annually. For rubberized gym flooring, brushing, vacuuming, and damp mopping will keep the surface clean. 

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