Increasing Your Cleaning Services Effectiveness

Increasing Your Cleaning Services Effectiveness

If you’ve made the all-important decision to hire a professional cleaning team, you want to ensure you gain the desired value from your investment. You want the best cleaning service available, the assurance that you are getting the job available. After all, your cleaning service only spends a limited amount of time in your home getting the cleaning done, so it important that you do your part, so they can get their job done well. Essentially, you want to increase the effectiveness and productivity of your cleaning team so that you get the most out of their cleaning services. Here’s how you can accomplish the task and get the most value for your cleaning dollars.

Before Your First Visit

Your professional cleaning team will likely have a list of items covered in their regular weekly cleaning routine. If there is an area or item you want added or removed from the list, now is the time to clarify your wishes to ensure you are getting what you want and are paying for, thus ensuring the best value for your cleaning budget and avoiding any miscommunication. Now is the time to specify particular cleaning products or guidelines you want to be met weekly.

At the First Visit

When your chosen residential cleaning team arrives at your home for the first cleaning, it is important that you be present. By making yourself available, you can deliver special instructions with ease and without any misunderstanding. It also allows you to see any areas you might have forgotten to mention. After the first visit, a note is acceptable form of communication, especially after you’ve made your wishes known verbally.

In Case of an Out-of-the-Ordinary Mess

In the event of a larger than usual mess in your home, notify your cleaning team before they arrive so they can be prepared. They want to do the best job possible and some messes simply require specialized cleaning products and equipment, which they may not have with them if they aren’t part of your regular weekly cleaning.

Understand Time Constraints

While you may want to chat about your new promotion or your child’s award, keep in mind your cleaning team has a schedule to keep. Be respectful of their time and allow them to get the cleaning done well for you. Keep in mind, they also have other homes to clean as a part of their schedule and they are striving to do clean every one of those homes as effectively as yours.

Clearing Clutter Before Your Cleaning Team Arrives

For example, most services don’t include dishes as a part of the regular cleaning routine, so if you leave dishes out for the cleaning team, you are keeping them from getting other items on your to-do list completed. When your counters and tables are clear, cleaning happens readily and effectively. In the bathroom, putting your personal products away before the cleaning team arrives also helps expedite the process and its efficacy. Picking up toys and other clutter from the floors and furnishings, also allows your service to focus all their efforts on cleaning.

The Question of Pets

While most professional cleaning teams love animals, keeping your pets safe is number one. Unless otherwise arranged, your pet should be safe in a room, the cleaning team isn’t cleaning or outside of the home while the cleaning is completed.

Show Gratitude

A simple thank-you goes a long way, so don’t forget to thank your cleaning team. Gratitude shows you appreciate the hard work your cleaning team provides and encourages them to keep up the good work!

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