Introducing Signature Sanitize

Introducing Signature Sanitize

With the outbreak of COVID-19, everyone had to adjust to a new normal that included social distancing, working from home, and “home schooling.” As the world continues to flatten the curve, and the pandemic subsides, schools, businesses, restaurants, and other facilities will begin to reopen. Before reopening any facility – large or small – it is important that the premises be cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized to help prevent additional outbreaks.

At Signature Maids, our team is ready to help you get ready, whether you need to sanitize your home, your business, or even your transportation with our NEW Signature Sanitize Treatments. Signature Sanitize is a disinfecting and sanitizing treatment performed with electrostatic foggers which can be used in your home, office, school, medical facility, retail store, as well as buses, ambulances, and other medical transports. The electrostatic atomizers deliver the ionized solution to all the surfaces in your space, completely sanitizing it, killing 99.999 percent of all bacteria and viruses.

Signature Sanitize Features

Signature Sanitize is a Disinfection and Sanitization Service in which our professionally trained technicians apply an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approved disinfecting solution (Vital Oxide) to kill virus and bacteria in your space. Utilizing electrostatic foggers, the solution is evenly distributed for coverage of all surfaces in the space. The solution not only kills viruses and bacteria, but also eliminates mold, mildew, and allergens. The application process is completely touchless, with no rinsing required. It reduces the risk of cross contamination and gives you a fully disinfected space, keeping your customers and employees safe as you re-open.

Vital Oxide Explained

An EPA registered hospital disinfectant cleaner, not only does Vital Oxide kill 99.999 percent of viruses and bacteria, but also eliminates mold, mildew, allergens, and odors. Vital Oxide, while a germ killer, is non-corrosive to treated objects and will not cause skin irritation. Released as an ionized solution, Vital Oxide is non-residual, leaving no films on your surfaces, and kills COVID-19, Hepatitis, Influenza, and other viruses.

Electrostatic Spray Technology

Vital Oxide is applied via the latest electrostatic spray technology. This process provides the even delivery of the disinfectant to all your touchpoints and surfaces, ensuring the most effective clean possible. The electrode within the fogger atomizes the cleaning solution. Next, the ionized particles are attracted to and wrap around surfaces, extending to the most hard to reach places. The spray technology delivers a quick and effective application, covering even large areas in a short amount of time.   

Surfaces treated with electrostatic spray technology don’t require rinsing or wiping after the application on most surfaces. The touchless application makes it fast and effective, using less solution than traditional cleaning methods. In addition, the touchless application reduces cross contamination which can come from classic spray and wipe approaches.

Are You Ready to Re-open?

As a business owner, school administrator, medical professional, manufacturing supervisor, restaurant owner or other professional who wants to ensure the most effective clean in your office, facility, or transit operation, Signature Sanitize can help you. Signature Disinfection and Sanitization Service will see that all areas are cleaned and disinfected, with special attention given to touchpoints like doorknobs, fixtures, etc. Our professional team well see that you keep your customers, employees, teachers, students, and drivers as safe as possible as businesses, schools, and transit comes back online.

As a homeowner, you may find that once the stay-at-home orders are lifted, you need assistance getting your home clean after so much time at home with the family and Signature Maids is ready to help with that as well. Call on Signature Maids today, and see how we can help you return to normal, safe, strong, and sanitized following the Coronavirus pandemic.