Your January House Cleaning Checklist

Your January House Cleaning Checklist

January can be a dreary time of year with cooler temperatures and lots of indoor days. With this January House Cleaning Checklist, you can do those semi-annual and annual home cleaning and maintenance tasks during this often ‘downtime’ of the year. Of course, the issue that often arises is, because you only do these cleaning tasks once or twice a year, they sometimes are forgotten until you wonder what on earth happened.

The solution, schedule these less often cleaning and maintenance tasks in January and have them done for the year! Yes, you can accomplish each of these tasks with minimal interruption by simply scheduling them as your seasonal January cleaning tasks.

  1. Begone Holiday Clutter. If you truly enjoy the holidays, taking down the decorations and putting them away may be a sad event for you, while others may enjoy getting things back to normal, and others still just see the whole entire task as a chore to be done. Whatever category you find yourself in, January is the time to take down the decorations.

You’ll start your holiday clean up outside, taking down any lights or decorations on the exterior or your house, trees, garage, porches, and decks. As you put away the decorations, remember not to shove them completely out of reach because you will want to be able to easily access them next November and December!

Now to the inside, where you will carefully pack away ornaments, lights, and all decorations. Put like items together and label all boxes, so when you start decorating next season, everything will be unbroken and easy to find.

And finally, the holiday dinners and parties are over, so clean all your holiday linens, your special glasses, serving platters, and dishes. Once clean, sort them and carefully pack them away and store them safely for the next holiday season.

  1. Cleaning the Closets, Cabinets, and Dressers. If gift exchanges are part of your holiday celebration, don’t skip this step. Now is the perfect time to clean out closets, cabinets, and drawers, as you make room for your newly gifted goodies. Even if you weren’t the recipient of an abundance of gifts, it is still the perfect time to clean out the old, donating what you no longer need or want to the less fortunate through a reputable charity.
  2. Taking Care of the House Plants (Live or Fake). Live houseplants help keep your home clean, but only when you keep them clean. Now is the time to clean those houseplants, so they can clean your air. Simply wipe the leaves with a soft, microfiber cloth. If you don’t have a green thumb, but have silk flowers or plants in your home, you can easily clean them with your handy blow dryer.
  3. Now onto Cleaning in General. January is the ideal time to get those decorative pillows, throws, and other soft snuggly items clean. Be sure to follow label directions, laundering or dry cleaning appropriately.

January is also a good time to clean and sanitize hard surfaces in your home, after all it is cold and flu season. Carefully clean counters, phones, computers, tablets, door knobs, faucets, and all the surfaces which are touched regularly. Clean all electronics too, the CD player, the remotes, the game controllers, the TVs, the camera, and so on.

With these January housecleaning and maintenance tips you are ready to start the year off right! But, as always, should you need assistance, call on the expert team at Signature Maids to help you get the job done easily!