Keeping the Bathroom Clean and Spotless

Keeping the Bathroom Clean and Spotless

If you are like most people, you don’t like to clean your bathrooms. Like the kitchen, it is important to keep your bathrooms clean, but like the kitchen, bathrooms are among the hardest spaces in your home to accomplish the desired level of clean. Cleaning the bathroom is not particularly difficult, the bad part is, you have to keep doing it over and over – fighting a constant battle to keep your bathroom clean and spotless. Today, lets explore some ways make the job easier and keep your bathroom sparkling clean.

Scheduling Bathroom Cleaning

It is not really something you want to pop up on your smart phone calendar app, but scheduling your bathroom cleaning can really help keep you from feeling like you are constantly cleaning the bathroom. By performing bathroom cleaning tasks consistently, you will truly cut down the work you feel you have to do. So, now you decide, will you do a daily check to ensure towels are hung up and surfaces are wiped down or will you do a weekly overall cleaning of bathroom surfaces?

Tackling the Bathroom’s Nemesis – Moisture

You know it’s true – moisture is a big problem in the bathroom causing mildew, making water spots, staining grout, and making towels and other linens smell less than fresh. By attacking moisture in the bathroom, you make the bathroom cleaning workload more manageable with less hassle.

Start with the exhaust fan. You should turn in on when your shower begins and keep it running for 20 minutes or so after you are done. That is part of its purpose, helping keep your bathroom free of moisture, preventing mildew on all your surfaces, drying your damp towels, and keeping water spots from forming. So, by all means, turn on the exhaust fan!

Next, apply a water repellant if you have shower doors. These handy repellants (similar to the ones used on car windshields) keep minerals, soap, and water from lingering on shower doors and making your cleaning tasks more difficult. If you don’t have shower doors, but use a shower curtain instead, make sure you close the shower curtain when your shower is done. Doing so will allow it to dry quickly preventing the buildup of mildew.

A few minutes with the shower squeegee when your shower is complete can also help keeping stains off your grout and mildew off your tile surfaces. Squeegees remove the excess moisture keeping mildew and mineral deposits away.

Clearing the Bathroom Clutter

Just like the rest of your house, the clutter in the bathroom needs to be taken care of on a regular basis. Begin by properly disposing of expired medications and those no longer needed. Now continue through all the cabinets and drawers tossing out old items, items you no longer use, and items that have lost their usefulness.

Cleaning Your Bathroom Surfaces

Regularly wiping down your bathroom surfaces can go a long way in keeping them clean. But, when the time comes to clean your surfaces, an all-purpose cleaner can do the job well. In the shower, spray your cleaner on the walls, let it sit for a few minutes, and then rinse and wipe away grime and soap scum.  For the sink and countertop, use your all-purpose cleaner in the same way. Don’t forget to wipe cabinet doors and inside the drawers. For your mirror, use glass or mirror cleaner, spraying it on and wiping it clean. For the toilet, use a designated cleaning cloth and toilet brush (never using the same cloth for your other surfaces) along with a disinfectant to keep the toilet clean and sanitized.

Most importantly, whenever you need it, the experts at Signature Maids are ready to help keep your bathrooms and the rest of your home clean and spotless.