Keeping Cabinets Clean Inside And Out

Keeping Cabinets Clean Inside And Out

Keeping your cabinets clean inside and out is crucial to an efficient and organized kitchen. The truth is your kitchen cabinets and all they hold are prone to the attraction of dust, bits of food, and grime, as well as spills and spatters. When not cleaned regularly, even new cabinets can start to look, well, not so great. While you may find if difficult to find the time in your schedule for deep cleaning your cabinets weekly, or even monthly, these cleaning tips and tricks can help your cabinets look new and fresh for the future.

Keep Moisture Away

While you can clean with a mild water based cleaning product as long as you clean quickly, keep in mind that overexposure to water can damage your wood cabinets. Wipe up any splatter or spills straight way and don’t hang damp towels or other items on your cabinet doors. Keeping moisture away from your wood cabinetry will mean clean, attractive, long-lasting good looks for years to come.

Don’t Leave Drawers or Doors Open

Often drawers and doors get left open, maybe not all the way, but slightly open means crumbs, dust, and other unwanted items get inside. By keeping your drawers and doors completely closed, they’ll stay clean on the inside and give your kitchen a neat, well-kept appearance. If your drawers and doors aren’t closing as they should, consider installing new hinges or glides to improve aesthetics, function, and cleanliness.

Add Shelf Liners

Shelf liners come in a variety of styles like classic contact paper, laminated paper, and wax paper varieties, but you can also get creative and use wallpaper, linoleum flooring, and laminate floor tiles. Whatever you choose, liners protect your inner shelving and are extremely easy to clean.

Clean Your Cabinets

You’ll want to clean your cabinets regularly with your favorite mild cleaner or a 50-50 vinegar/water solution. Cleaning will remove grime and dust and keep your cabinets looking great. Begin by emptying your cabinets, and then spraying your cleaner n the outside. Let the solution stay on for a minute or so, and then wipe off with a soft cloth. Now, open your cabinets and spray the interior shelves and doors with your cleaner. Again, leave on for a couple of minutes and wipe away grime and dust with a soft cloth. For stubborn areas, repeat the process. You should also take care to clean around drawer knobs and pulls as well as hinges. When your cleaning is complete, take a clean damp sponge and wipe everything one more time to remove any remaining cleaner. As the final step, dry your cabinets with a soft cloth.

A Special Tip for Solid Wood Cabinets

For wood cabinetry, you should apply furniture wax to your cabinets twice a year. Wood furniture wax will provide added protection from oil, water, grime, dust, and other debris that can damage and discolor the wood. Wax is easy to apply, simply spray onto your soft cloth and rub over your cabinets completely.

Want More?

If your kitchen cabinets are older and you want to create a fresh new look on your newly cleaned cabinetry, consider adding new drawer and door handles and knobs. Easy to clean, new handles and knobs allow you to create a unique look without spending a fortune.

Use these cabinet cleaning tips to keep your cabinets clean inside and out year round. And whenever you need assistance, call on the cleaning team at Signature Maids to help you get the job done in the kitchen and around the house.