Keeping Kids’ Rooms Clean and Organized

Keeping Kids’ Rooms Clean and Organized

If you have kids, then you have lots of things – toys, craft supplies, books, blocks, games, and the list goes on. One of the most common questions among parents is how to keep kids’ rooms clean and organized. If you don’t, you’ll have clutter galore, not to mention dust-bunnies and other unwanted messes. As you well know and likely experience every day, kids love to play with their toys and that leads to jumbles of disorder when they leave them out, forgetting the rules about picking up after themselves.

There is a way to solve this seemingly unsolvable riddle by creating storage options that make it easy for your kids to put their toys away after play. And the solution is simple, create ways to store your kids toys and other items that still keeps play fun, but makes clean-up, well, easy enough for a kid!

Like Toys Go Together

Bookshelves, baskets, and bins are a great place to start. First of all, bookshelves take up little space and can be used to store and organize way more than books! They are the great holders of baskets, bins, and more which allow for easy access and storage of any number of things. Puzzles can be placed neatly in baskets and the basket can then sit neatly on the bookshelf. Trinkets, like a collection of rocks or shells, action figures, or doll accessories can be kept in bins or baskets and stored on shelves. Baskets also work well to keep trucks, cars, animals, and small toys.

Now, baskets and bins alone can also be great ways to store favorite books by the bed or treasured possessions in a secret spot. Baskets and bins can also provide a great place to store video games, controllers, and other gadgets needed for Xbox, PlayStation, or Wii. An open basket is perfect for storing lunch boxes and backpacks when not in use.

If your family frequents the library for easy access to movies, books, games, and more, you might also consider a designated basket to keep these items handy and save them from disappearing and accumulating fines.

Storage Containers with Lids are Ideally Suited

Legos, the blocks loved by nearly every child and the nemesis of feet everywhere when they are stepped on! Plastic storage containers with lids are the perfect place for Legos and all their teeny tiny components. And added bonus, if you get the right size, Legos can be in easy pull out reach in their containers which are stored neatly under the bed – slide out for play, slide back underneath when done. In a different size container, they can work beneath a designated table used for building Lego creations as well. Storage containers come in optimal sizes that are also ideal for doll accessories of every size – from American Girl to Barbies to My Little Pony.

These magnificent plastic containers are also the perfect choice for card games, board games, where they can be easily accessed, and no important pieces will go mysteriously missing.

Cleaning Caddies for Kids

Cleaning caddies are a great way to store school and art supplies for your kids. With all their built-in compartments, these cleaning caddies can hold pencils, pens, crayons, glue, markers, tape, and more, keeping them ready for crafts and even homework. You can also use these handy caddies to create a kid’s cleaning caddie for each child’s room. Include age appropriate items like a lint roller, a duster, s small broom and dustpan, spray cleaner and a microfiber cleaning cloth. After all, it’s never to early to learn about cleaning and organization.