Keeping Your Wood Furniture Looking Great

Keeping Your Wood Furniture Looking Great

Wood furniture is easily maintained and, often, if damaged or neglected, wood furniture can be restored. Because of its durability and longevity (when properly cared for), your wood furniture deserves the appropriate care and maintenance. Every piece of wood furniture requires different levels of nurture. For example, your strong, durable, and sturdy kitchen table is designed to withstand a great deal of wear and may only need regular cleaning with an all-purpose cleaner designed for wood surfaces. On the other hand, older pieces, different woods, and antique will require more attention to detail, particularly those wood furnishings with lacquer or wax finishes. Moisture and chemical exposure can easily damage these more delicate woods. Let’s explore the best ways to keep your wood furniture looking great and lasting for years.

A Simple Fix – Use Coasters 

This care tip is easy. Use coasters on all your wood furniture. Exposure to liquids – drinks, food, make-up, and more can damage your fine wood furniture quickly. Adding easily accessible coasters is a convenient and inexpensive way to protect your wood furniture and keep it shining for years to come.

Avoid Overexposure 

If you’ve ever had a wooden porch, deck, or swing, you know the damage sunlight can do to wood. The same is true to indoor furniture that is over-exposed to sunlight. The wood’s sheen will be lost, it will look dull, and the wood grain will appear rough and damaged.

Don’t Wet the Furniture (In Most Cases) 

A drink spill quickly wiped away won’t likely cause much damage to your wood furniture. But should it remain longer, you’ll likely see streaks, a stain, or a hazy white appearance. The solution – don’t let your wood furniture get wet. When you are cleaning only use a cleaner approved for the type of wood and its unique finish. Oil soaps can also be used to clean wood furniture, but not everyone likes the finished look, so before you use it on your favorite furniture, try it in a discreet spot and check the results. Of course, there is an exception to the water rule. Varnished wood surfaces which have been soiled can be soaked in water to clean. If you aren’t sure, be precautious and test your furniture piece in an inobtrusive spot to make sure soaking/cleaning with water won’t damage your wood furniture.

Brush Away 

You may have never used it, but your vacuum has a brush attachment designed for wood surfaces. The handy brush attachment will keep your wood furniture clean, smooth and shiny when used properly. If smudges and dust remain after ‘brushing’ use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth to remove them. 

Polish Your Wood 

Polishing your wood furniture is a good way to add a layer of protection and keep your furniture looking great. Mind you, polishing won’t protect from everything your wood comes in contact with, but it can keep liquid spills from seeping in and staining your wood surfaces. Polishing, not only offers a measure of protection, but it also helps keep dust away and reduces the appearance of scratches. With most wood surfaces, you will want to polish after you clean your wood furniture to keep it shimmering.

Extra Care   

Depending on your wood and its finish, you may want to consider an added layer of protection in the form of paste wax. When applying paste wax, take care not to use too much or apply too often, doing so will leave a waxy buildup, not at all the appearance you were hoping to achieve.

The team at Signature Maids is always ready to lend a helpful hand to aid you in keeping your wood furniture and your whole home clean and beautiful. Call on Signature Maids and experience the difference!