How to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

How to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets

Take a minute and think about all the items you have stored in your kitchen cabinets. Wow! It just boggles the mind as you consider plates, utensils, gadgets, pots, pans, glasses, bowls, towels, cleaning supplies, not to mention pantry items which is a list unto itself. If you find yourself frustrated by the sheer magnitude of what is in your kitchen cabinets and you simply want to enjoy your kitchen and cooking more, Signature Maids is here to help you get organized and do just that!

Tip 1:  Declutter and Eliminate:

Before you can begin organizing your cabinets, you will have to take on the task of decluttering and eliminating duplicate items. In the kitchen, you probably have duplicate items – from vegetable peelers to potato mashers, as well as multiple items that serve the same function, do you really need more than one at a time? Now is the time to toss it out, donate it, even sell it. Remember the more you eliminate now, the less you will need to organize and store on a regular basis.

Tip 2: Group and Arrange:

The declutter and elimination project is complete. It is time to group and organize your kitchen cabinets’ contents. Normally this means grouping like items in a sensible way for you and your family. Ultimately it is a matter of how you use your kitchen and all its necessary items, but a great way to start is sorting like items – food, spices, appliances, plates, pots, pans, kitchen tools, utensils, etc. and placing them purposefully in cabinets and drawers. If you aren’t sure how to begin, put glasses near the sink or the refrigerator where they are most often needed, while spices and oils near the stove where you can easily reach them while prepping and cooking your meals.

Tip 3: Install Cabinet Organizers (hooks, bins, shelves, etc.):

Before you begin to put items back into cabinets, you want to install kitchen cabinet organizers, as many as you need to keep everything easy to access, use, and store. Purchase as many organizers as you need, no limits.

  • Use hooks on cabinet doors to store measuring cups, spice racks, tongs, etc.
  • Install hooks on the back walls of your cabinets to utilize often wasted space.
  • Add under-shelf baskets and shelving to make use of space above dishes and glasses.
  • Utilize stackable acrylic and wire shelving designed for awkward spaces like underneath the kitchen sink.
  • Add slide out wire storage bins to easily access items in the back of cabinets.
  • Install specialty storage holders for things like plastic bags, sponges, scrubbers, and more.
  • Use drawer inserts or dividers to keep utensils, tiny tools, and other items that get moved around orderly, so they are easily accessible when you need them.
  • Add a pullout rack by your range to store spices within easy reach. If you have the space, install a turntable for oils, vinegars, and other liquids for easy access.
  • Install tiered shelving in the cabinets where pots, lids, pans, and skillets are stored. Lids can be organized on the shelf, so pots, pans, and skillets can nest in an orderly, easily accessible fashion.

Tip 4: Stack and Store:

How you stack and store can create additional kitchen cabinet space. Stack cups and glasses neatly. Divide your food storage containers into stacks of containers and stacks of lids. If necessary, lids can be stored conveniently in a large container. Store heavy items (blenders, mixers, food processors) in lower cabinets for easy reach. If you use your blender or toaster daily, leave it on the counter only stowing it away for special occasions. Use stackable storage bins in your pantry to utilize often wasted floor space.

Tip 5: Kitchen Cabinet Organization Maintenance:

Plan to perform your kitchen organization ritual annually or semi-annually to keep your kitchen items orderly all year long.

The sheer number of items in your kitchen makes it the most difficult space in the house to keep organized. Simple organization and cleanliness is key, and Signature Maids is ready to help you stay organized and spotlessly clean all the time.