Professional Spring Cleaning Hacks

Professional Spring Cleaning Hacks

Spring has traditionally been the time to give your home a deep clean and a fresh start for the year ahead. With today’s busy schedules, for most of you spring cleaning requires you to work smarter and not harder, because time constraints and other obligation simply won’t allow anything else. Professional Cleaning Services know the necessary hacks to get spring cleaning done effectively, cutting your time and effort down to a manageable level along the way. Spring cleaning shouldn’t begin with a feeling of dread, but rather a plan to get the job done well.

Start with the Checklist

You may or may not be a list-making person, but a spring cleaning checklist can help you complete the task in record time. Your checklist should include the tools, special equipment, and cleaning products needed for each room in your home. Check your supplies and get what you need before you begin, stopping to run to the store in the middle of the spring cleaning process will only slow your progress. Different rooms have unique cleaning needs, so you need to ensure you have the appropriate items before you begin.

Declutter and Order

Before any actual cleaning begins, determine the order of cleaning – high priority areas (kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms) to low priority areas (closets, laundry room). Next declutter each area in that order. Put away items that aren’t in their proper place , get rid of items you no longer use, and organize the items you keep.

Choose your Cleaning Arsenal like a Professional

Spring cleaning is easier when you have the right tools and equipment to clean your home. Among professionals, microfiber cloths are rated high on the list. Purchasing multiple microfiber cloths allows you to designate individual cloths for each area of your home. Microfiber removes 99 percent of the bacteria on your home’s surfaces without the need for specialty cleaning solutions. Add water and make your microfiber cloths even more effective. 

Extendable microfiber dusters also make light work of hard to reach places while microfiber mops work great on most hard surface flooring (don’t forget the bucket). Another great, though little known tool, is pumice stone. Wet your stone, use it on hardwater and rust stains and watch them disappear. A toilet brush is a necessary tool, as are dual purpose scrubby sponges. And of course, every home needs a vacuum.

Use the Proper Products to Protect and Clean your Surfaces

For example, you wouldn’t want to use your pumice stone on your glass or mirrored surfaces, where you’ll simply end up damaging the surface. Take care that you don’t use the wrong cleaning solution or tool on your hardwoods, as most hardwoods require one type of cleaner while laminates require another. Choose an all-purpose cleaner for sinks, most countertops (granite and marble are the exceptions), and stovetops (glass requires a special cleaner). Select a streak-free formula for windows, mirrors, and glass surfaces, and a tile and grout cleaner for tiles and toilers. For wood surfaces, follow the instructions regarding the finish on the wood.

With nearly every cleaning solution, you can save time and effort by applying them to your surface (sinks, showers, tubs, etc.) and letting them sit for a few minutes. When you return, the solution will have done its work and your part in the process will be much easier.

When you follow these guidelines, your spring cleaning will be successful and effective without completely exhausting you in the process. Professional Cleaning Services, like Signature Maids, know the secrets to speeding up your spring cleaning, making it faster and easier, while getting the job done well. When you need them, Signature Maids is always ready to help.