School is In – Getting the Family to Help Keep the House Clean

School is In – Getting the Family to Help Keep the House Clean

Everyone is busy getting back into their school-year routines, an undertaking which often leaves the house and the house cleaning chores neglected. There is homework to be done, lunches to be packed, and sports and other activities to attend not to mention endless rides to and from school. So, how can hardworking moms (and dads), like you, get the family to help keep their home clean and running efficiently?

The Solution

The solution is quite simple – back to school is the perfect time to assign chores. Doing so reaps multiple rewards for you and your children. Though your children probably won’t get their chores exactly right the first time, they will eventually and when they do they can be proud of a job well done all the while learning responsibility. A reward system is also a great way to inspire your children to help around the house while helping them develop a great work ethic and the understanding of working for the things you want in life. Younger kids enjoy small treats on a weekly basis, while their older siblings often enjoy accumulating points for a bigger reward!

Age Appropriate Chores are Key

There are a number of chore charts (many with age appropriate chores in place) out there that you can print FREE to make the chore assignment task easy or you can design your own. When considering the chores to assign, keep in mind your children’s age and abilities.

In most cases your three-year old does not need to clear the table and carry breakable dishes and glasses to the kitchen, but he or she can certainly wipe the table clean after it is cleared. It is all a matter following these simple guidelines. Little ones, aged two to three, can wipe spills, put laundry in the hamper, put toys in their toy box, throw away trash, and set the table. Four and five-year olds can feed pets, put away their toys sort and put away silverware, make their beds, and some can even help clear the dinner table safely. Older youngsters, aged six to seven, are capable of emptying the dishwasher, folding towels, and helping with simple dinner preparations like making a salad or peeling potatoes.

At age eight and nine, the kids can load the dishwasher, learn to do laundry (you might want to sort!), dust furniture, and help put groceries away. Between ages 10 and 11, your children are able to clean the bathrooms and kitchen, vacuum, and even prepare a meal. Once your children reach age 12 (in some cases even 10 or 11) they should be able to pitch in with all the household chores and even given weekly assignments. You might even consider having them alternate duties by week – so no one is always on garbage duty!

Make Cleaning Chores Fun

You’re probably asking how at this point, so let’s explore some ways to keep chore time fresh and fun! If you chose to use a chore chart, be sure to get a colorful one that can be marked off with stickers are colorful markers to start. If your kids are near the same ages, you can also write the chores down and let the kids chose their chores from a hat or bowl just to keep things interesting!

Other ways to keep chore time fun is with upbeat, age-appropriate music playing and dancing along as chores are completed. Some chores can even be turned into games, like passing the groceries from the counter to the pantry or the dishes from the table to kitchen or from the dishwasher to their proper places.

Assigning chores is a way to ease the burden for everyone while creating a sense of family and teaching your children about sharing the responsibility of their home. And should you find, after implementing these helps, you still need more, Signature Maids is here to help with affordable professional cleaning solutions to help you keep your house in tip-top shape!