Spring Cleaning, Can it Be Fun?

Spring Cleaning, Can it Be Fun?

Spring is here! The trees are budding, and the flowers are blooming, but inside homes, most Americans are finding themselves fighting clutter and even chaos. Let’s face it – most people need seasonal cleaning to get back on track, declutter, and re-organize their homes. Some are even considering going the minimalist route amid their spring cleaning plans. Even so, spring cleaning can be quite a chore. Because of the size of the seasonal cleaning tasks in spring, entire families need to be involved in the process to arrive at a solution. Many families even turn to outside help, like professional cleaning services, to get the job done well.

If you decide you need professional help, the professionals at Signature Maids are ready to come alongside you to get your spring cleaning done – from house cleaning to pool cleaning to pressure cleaning and so much more! But, if you want to take on the task of spring cleaning yourself, with the help of your family members, Signature Maids offers these tips to get you started and even make spring cleaning fun. That’s right, spring cleaning can be fun. The first step is to motivate your family members to join in the fun of spring cleaning. Here’s how to set the tone and get your cleaning done well.

Clutter Be Gone

Getting rid of clutter should be at the top of your list. It is an effective way to start your spring cleaning successfully. Why? Because with less clutter and more organization, the actual cleaning will be much easier. Wondering how to get your family motivated to help? Here are some motivators:

  • Have everyone gather items they can no longer wear, no longer use, and no longer enjoy. Sort through the items, tossing those which are past their prime, broken, or missing pieces. Every item that’s left can be turned into cash by selling online, hosting a yard/garage sale, or using local for sale by owner listings. The cash can then be divided equitably among family members or pooled to fund a fun family trip.
  • If getting your family members to gather items for sale is challenging, make it a game. Consider a scavenger hunt where they chose items from the scavenger list (pants, shoes, shirts, games, books, toys, etc.). Offer a prize for the winner.
  • An alternative to the scavenger hunt, can be held year round. For every new item you buy for your family members, they have to part with an older item in exchange. Start with small items and work your way to larger ones.

Let the Deep Cleaning Begin

Now that the clutter is out of the way, the cleaning can begin. Here’s how to make it fun for the entire family.

  • Start by sitting down together and taking about each room. Decide what needs to be done and make list.
  • Next, choose a playlist that is high-energy and danceable. The goal is to get everyone pumped up as you tackle the list for the first room. Don’t try to do all the cleaning in a day, but take on one room, or one task (like window cleaning), one day at a time.
  • If you have kids, make each room or task a game. Create a competition with prizes for who finds the most lost socks, who cleans the dirtiest places, who has the best organization skills, or who takes out the most trash. You get the idea, anything your kids will find fun can become a game as you work your way through your spring cleaning list.
  • If you want to get the job done more quickly, make everyone a cleaning kit and send family members off to the various projects, assigning tasks based on age and ability. You can use a bucket filled with cleaning supplies and tools for the task assigned. Offer rewards for a job well done.