The Practical Guide to Cleaning Curtains and Drapes

The Practical Guide to Cleaning Curtains and Drapes

Looking around your home, you probably have a number of styles of window coverings from valances, to curtains, to drapes, to panels, and more. In addition to styles, your window coverings are made up of a multitude of fabrics and colors. The darker the color, the more likely your curtains are to show dust and dirt. And even when your window treatments look clean, dirt, hair, pet dander, pollen, dust, mold spores, and other allergens are adhering to the fabrics. Today, let’s learn how to wash your curtains, drapes, and other window treatments, keeping them functional and looking stylish for years to come.

The best option for washing your curtains depends on the fabric from which they were made. Always check the label for cleaning instructions before proceeding. If there are no cleaning instructions attached, these tips should help you achieve the best results for your window coverings.

Dry Clean Only

Drapes with a lining, often require dry cleaning. If you aren’t sure, you can test the fabric to see if it is colorfast by using a wet white washcloth and blotting an inconspicuous spot. If the color transfers to the washcloth, the curtains should be dry cleaned.

If you chose to wash your dry clean only window treatments, keep in mind you are doing so at your own risk. When washing dry-clean-only curtains, you will only want to wash each panel separately on your washing machine’s gentle cycle or by hand. Once the wash cycle is complete, remove the panel promptly hanging it up or laying it flat to dry. You should never put dry-clean-only drapes into the dryer due to the danger of shrinkage.

Lace Curtains or Sheer Panels

These beautiful, delicate fabrics need to be handled with care. They should be washed by hand or placed in a mesh bag and washed on your machine’s delicate cycle. When washing by hand, wash each panel alone by soaking it in soapy water for 10 minutes. Next drain, rinsing until the soap is removed. No matter the method, choose cold water and a mild detergent.

If you want the crisp feel of when your lace or sheer curtains were new, simply soak the freshly washed panel in cold water and dissolved Epsom Salt  for 10 minutes. Drain the water after the allotted time and press the water out of your panel. Do not rinse, but gently hang your curtain to dry before rehanging at your windows.

Washable Fabric Curtains

For fabric curtains made from washable garment-type fabrics, there is an additional step needed prior to washing. Take the curtains outside and shake them gently removing as much dust and debris as possible. You should wash the panels in pairs with cold water on the delicate/gentle cycle. Remove the panels promptly and place in the dryer on its lowest heat setting. Once dry, remove and hang them quickly to avoid wrinkles.

Non-removable Window Treatments

For window treatments which can’t be removed, or those which you don’t want to attempt to remove, consider vacuuming them gently with the brush attachment. If you have one available or can rent one, a stem cleaning wand is a great cleaning option for these difficult to clean window treatments.

Cleaning your curtains and drapes seasonally can help you enjoy a cleaner home. And remember, if you need help in getting your home clean and spotless, call on the team at Signature Maids to help you get the job done. From deep-cleaning to help with everyday household chores, the Signature Maid team is ready!