Unhealthy House Syndrome

Unhealthy House Syndrome

While you may have never thought of your home as unhealthy, the chance is, at least some of your habits are making it so. There are many items in your home which are covered with germs and bacteria, as well as other items which are brought in and can make you ill. All of these items which can make you sick, tired, fatigued, and sensitive to allergies create what is commonly known as unhealthy house syndrome. The good news is – you can clean up the continually spreading indoor germs keep your home healthy for you and your family.

Indoor Air

The first step in keeping your indoor air clean is through the use of an air purifier. An air purifier helps rid your home of dust, mold, bacteria, fungi, and other toxins and pollutants in the air. Essentially, a HEPA (High efficiency particulate air)  air purifier pulls the air from your room, filters it of all those contaminants, and returns healthy indoor air to your space. Used in combination with a HEPA vacuum cleaner, these two items will keep your air fresh and clean, reducing pollutants from your home due to the HEPA filters ability to capture 99.97 percent of particles 0.3 microns or more (like dust, pet dander, and pollen).

Keeping your home’s indoor temperature up can create the ideal home for mold, bacteria, and dust mites to thrive. By maintaining indoor temperatures below 70 degrees and humidity levels under 50 percent, you can keep these pests, which cause illnesses and allergy flareups, away. In addition, cleaning your homes air vents annually and replacing HVAC air filters every two months will go a long way in keeping your homes air clean and fresh.

Around the House

Wearing shoes inside and around the house means you are bringing in and spreading about bacteria, allergens, viruses, and other pollutants from outside. Removing your shoes at the door, and encouraging guests to do the same, is the best prevention.

Dusting your home correctly can also prevent the spread of dust and pollutants. The most effective way to dust your home is from the top down, using a clean microfiber cloth which will capture the dust particles rather than spreading them around.

In the Bathroom

While you probably work hard to keep your bathroom clean and germ free, there are a few areas you might have missed. The first is your shower head which is filled with bacteria and other microbes contributing to unhealthy conditions in your home. Clean your shower head every few months to prevent microbial buildup. The other contributor to mold and bacterial growth in the bathroom is the bath mat. After use, you should get the bath mat off the floor, so it can air dry quickly, and don’t forget to wash it at least once a week. And finally, use your ventilation fan and keep it clean. In doing so, it can do its job of removing moisture from the air and help prevent the growth of mold, bacteria, and more.

In the Kitchen

Ventilating, aka using the exhaust fan, while you cook is the best way to remove contaminants caused by cooking. The fan will remove smoke, grease, and moisture from the air and help keep surfaces cleaner. Keeping your refrigerator clean is another important step for maintaining a healthy home. Bits of food and spilled liquids can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria in your fridge. Toss out unused food and dated condiments, and wipe down the refrigerator’s interior with disinfectant once a month. Use this same disinfectant to keep you sink and all exposed surfaces clean, and don’t forget to clean the trashcan as well.

Curing Unhealthy House Syndrome

Now you know the simple to implement steps to keeping your home healthy. Of course, should you need help getting started with a deep clean or regular household cleaning, you can count on the team at Signature Maids to accomplish the task.