Weekday Tips to Keep Your Home Clean

Weekday Tips to Keep Your Home Clean

Cleaning isn’t easy. Plus, you have to keep doing it over and over! And while those comments are made “tongue in cheek” there is a wealth of truth in them. The downside is if you don’t keep your home clean, you’ll likely live in a state of stress and unwanted anxiety. Since no one wants a messy house or added stress, here are some tips to help you gain a clean home and rid yourself of unwanted anxiety. By applying these tips and doing a bit of cleaning each day, you won’t find yourself overwhelmed, but instead motivated to keep your home clean.


While Sunday often becomes everyone’s catch up on cleaning day, it can be used more purposefully and help you all week long with the rest of your cleaning chores. And though this isn’t technically a cleaning tip, if you use Sunday for meal prep, you’ll cut down on dish duty for the rest of the work week. Planning and prepping your meals on Sunday makes weekday dinners and the subsequent clean up a breeze. Look in your refrigerator and your pantry, taking note of the options available and make your weekday dinner plan. With your plan in hand, prep and cook the items which require the most time. You might pre-cook chicken, beef, or pork, build a lasagna, or wash and chop veggies. Whatever you can do on Sunday will make the rest of your week easier, from prep to cooking to cleaning!


Everyone was busy all weekend, in and out, running errands and enjoying family time and playdates, which makes Monday the day for dusting and wiping down surfaces. Start by dusting fans, furniture, and the tops of doors. Next, wipe away dust, bacteria, dirt, and grime on countertops, tabletops, TVs, appliances, mirrors, doorknobs, light fixtures, and even toys. Once the dusting and wiping is done – get the week’s laundry started with a load of clothes on Monday.


Tuesday is the ideal day to clean the floors. On Tuesday sweep, mop, or vacuum, especially in the high traffic areas like the foyer, stairs, mudroom, and kitchen. If times allows, you’ll also want to do the family room and the bedrooms. On Tuesday, you’ll also want to take care of another load of laundry on Tuesday.


You might have wondered why the bathroom floors weren’t part of Tuesday’s schedule, but now you know Wednesdays are the day to get the bathrooms done for the rest of the week. Start by doing Wednesday’s laundry load – towels. Next, clean the toilets, bathtubs, and showers, and disinfect the counters, sinks, and shower curtains. Shake the bathmats, outside, of course. Hang fresh towels and replenish toiletries.


Thursday is a great day to declutter after nearly an entire week of gathering mail, work, and homework. Toss out the junk mail, magazines, newspapers, catalogs, old leftover food, clothes that have worn out, toys that have broken, and school projects that won’t become keepsakes.


Friday is the day to complete the laundry, especially the week’s work and sports’ uniforms. This is the day you’ll want to wash the beds and launder the sheets for the week. Once washed, fold and put everything away. Take suits and dresses which need cleaning to the dry cleaners on Friday as well. While the laundry is washing and drying, you can take the time to tend to your pets – brushing, bathing, cage cleaning, bed cleaning, etc. 


When Saturday arrives, most of your cleaning chores should be done, and you and your family can go over the house quickly, straightening, wiping, and vacuuming trouble spots. Once done, you can spend the rest of the day running errands or just having fun together.

If you need help along the way, or find yourself overwhelmed by cleaning chores, call on the team at Signature Maids for the help you need.