What You Need to Clean this Winter

What You Need to Clean this Winter

While winter here doesn’t offer the same challenges in cleaning as it does for those who live further to the north, there are still cleaning obstacles everyone needs to overcome. Even for the ever-attentive house cleaners among you, there are areas of your home which are likely overlooked. In the spring cleaning daily, weekly, or monthly, means airing out your home after a long winter, but in the winter the goal is to ensure air quality and add brightness during shorter daylight hours.

Here are some tips on what you need to clean this winter to keep your home fresh and cheery while keeping those within healthy and happy.

Dryer Lint Vents 

You already know you need to keep your dryer lint trap clean after every load of laundry, but how often do you clean your lint vent? It should be done twice yearly so it doesn’t become fire hazard and put your home and family in jeopardy. Unplug your dryer before you begin, and examine the lint vent tubing. If you find it truly filled with lint, replace it; otherwise you can clean it and reattach it. While you’re back there, remove the back of your dryer and vacuum up all the lint there. Once you’ve cleaned well, put everything back in place.

Refrigerator Dusting 

While you have the vacuum out, head to the kitchen and clean away the dust gathered behind your refrigerator. Pull it away from the wall and vacuum the dust all around, underneath, and among the cooling coils to keep your refrigerator running its best. And since you are in the kitchen, it’s the perfect time to replace your fridge’s air and water filters, too.

HVAC Vents and Filters

You should be replacing your HVAC filters on a regular basis to keep your system running efficiently, but if you aren’t in the habit, now is the perfect time to accomplish the task. In addition, winter is a great time to call your HVAC company and schedule routine maintenance as well as vent cleaning.

Fireplaces, Chimneys, and Wood Stoves

Keeping fireplaces and chimneys clean, allows you to easily light up without fear of a fire. In most cases, you can clean the fireplace and the wood stove, but leave the chimneys to the professionals who will also check for cracks and be sure your chimney is in good repair and poses no hazards to your home or family.

Bed Frames, Box Springs, Mattresses

While your mattress is probably cleanest, winter is a good time to remove it, along with your box springs, and clean your bed frames as well as the dust and grime gathered underneath. With your mattress already off the bed, rotate and flip it for greater comfort while you wash or replace mattress pads and covers which help keep dust mites away.

Sofa and Chair Cushions

You probably vacuum every week, all around the sofas and the chairs, but do remember when you last dove underneath those cushions to clean? Now is the time to dive in and clean the dust, crumbs, paper, and more from beneath your cushions. Who knows, you might even find a treasure or something you thought was lost forever!

Lights and Windows

Yes, your lights and light fixtures need regular cleaning and dusting. Lights attract dust, bugs, and other grime all year long. Keeping overhead lighting, sconces, and lamps clean means a brighter home all winter long. Like the light fixtures, cleaning your windows in winter also means a brighter, fresher home. Wash and clean your windows thoroughly to allow in as much light as possible every day.

Now, you know what needs cleaning this winter, but should you find time is short, Signature Maids is here to help you reach all those hard to reach, forgettable places and get your home clean this winter.