When Your Carpet Needs Steam Cleaning

When Your Carpet Needs Steam Cleaning

Just how do you know when your carpet needs professional  steam cleaning? Well, here in South Florida, with so much indoor/outdoor living, in busy and active homes, the answer is most often twice a year to keep your home’s carpets looking their best. Of course, the need for professional carpet cleaning varies from household to household depending on your everyday traffic, whether or not you have children or pets in your home, and more. Keep in mind, professional carpet cleaning services not only reduce and eliminate stains and odors, keeping your carpets cleaned also prolongs the life of the carpeting including the feel, appearance, and texture. Your home accumulates dust, dirt, and allergens at a unique pace, but there are signs you can look for when deciding when your next professional carpet cleaning is needed. Let’s explore the signs and plan for your next steam cleaning appointment.

Signs Your Carpet Needs Professional Steam Cleaning

A number of factors affect the need for steam cleaning, from the type of carpet in your home to the among of traffic through your home, and more. Even so, there are obvious signs that can indicate it is time for your carpet’s next professional steam cleaning. 

  • A Loss of Aesthetic Appearance – Depending on the style and texture of your carpet, this sign may be more or less obvious, but a flattened appearance can indicate the need for cleaning. Everyday traffic and wear presses carpet fibers down, trapping dirt, dust, and allergens withing, and making your carpet look more like hard surface flooring than the plush, soft carpet you purchased. Dirtiness, plus a flat, pressed down, decreased plushness, means your carpeting needs deep cleaning which can restore the color, texture, and overall plushness to your carpet fibers. Now, this doesn’t negate the fact that there comes a time when your carpet can no longer be restored and it is time to for replacement. The experts at Signature Maids can easily assess your carpeting and determine whether professional steam cleaning will help you carpet. Remember regular professional cleaning means your carpet won’t likely need to be replaced prematurely.
  • Dirty Appearance After Vacuuming or Stains that Won’t Go Away – Either or both of these – a dirty appearance right after you vacuum or a stain that won’t go away or reappears a few days after cleaning is a sure sign your carpet needs to be professionally steam cleaned. You’ve probably experienced the reappearing stain – you know – the one you clean and it looks good for a day or two before returning. Professional carpet cleaning services can handle this stubborn stains which won’t go away with spot cleaning.
  • Dust Rising – If notice dust rising from your carpets when you vacuum, you likely need professional steam cleaning to remove the dust trapped inside and within the carpet fibers. 
  • Unpleasant Odors – If you carpet smells stale, musty, or of other unpleasant odors, professional carpet cleaning can rid your carpet and your home of those smells. Whether those strange odors are caused by pet accidents, tracked in contaminants, bacteria, fungi, or even mold spores, professional steam cleaning is the solution. 

The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning by Signature Maids

Regular vacuuming and spot cleaning help, but nothing cleans your carpets as well as professional steam cleaning by the Signature Maids. Not only will Signature Maids steam cleaning rid your carpets of dust, dirt, bacteria, mold, fungi, allergens, and other contaminants,  it will also ensure the longevity of the appearance, texture, and feel of your carpet. Signature Maids offers a number of completely customized professional carpet cleaning options for your home. Call today for your free carpet assessment and quote.